Collagen In Skincare: Promote Collagen Production To Fortify Skin Health

When it comes to skin health, collagen seems to have gained huge acceptance globally. It is one of the essential proteins abundantly present in the body. Though, the collagen amounts to 25% to 35% of the complete protein components in the body. Additionally, the greatest form of collagen is found in the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin.  But what makes it the talk of the town is its popularity as a nutritional supplement because the creation of collagen in the body decreases as you age. As a result, skin experiences dryness, wrinkles, and poor elasticity. 

promote collagen

The proteins are certainly the healthy component in the skin health regime including collagen, as an essential protein it is considered as the building block for healthy skin. Largely, it provides structure to the connective tissues, cushions the skin fibres, and helps infiltration too. The collagen helps to prevent acne, skin irritation and results in naturally glowing and clear skin.  Additionally, with adequate collagen in place, one can achieve the wrinkle-free skin goals. Thus, the vital role of collagen in skin-strengthening and structuring cannot be disregarded. The intake of collagen-based supplements apart from fixing skin ailments and disorders stimulates the body to produce collagen naturally. Aloe vera rich in vitamin C assists the body in the production of collagen. Of note vitamin C is critical to the synthesis of hyaluronic acid which hydrates & plumps skin and connective tissues.

Owing to the numerous benefits it provides, collagen has become the prominent ingredient in beauty products too. The presence of collagen also keeps the skin from sagging and gives it a plump and youthful look. Also, the ultraviolet rays from the sun break down the produced collagen in the skin, therefore it is highly recommended to make efficient use of collagen-based sunscreen so that the skin does not experience deficiency of this essential protein. Lotions and shampoos these days mostly contain collagen in the hydrolyzed form which penetrates through the skin layer by layer, which means that the collagen traverses the skin cells from the epidermis to dermis. 

There exist around 16 types of collagen but only a few of them specifically meet the skins demands. This is where the experts come into the role and understand the right form and amount of collagen for skin health.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to read labels & study ingredients on all your cosmetic products prior to purchase. Though, collagen is highly promising and works positively towards healthier skin, what should not be ignored is that the excessive intake of sugar, refined carbs, smoking, and the sun’s rays damage the collagen as well. The collagen is completely necessary to act as a wonder ingredient for youthful skin taking into account quality and quantity. So, look for collagen inclusion or ingredients that promote collagen production to fortify skin health.

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