Does a higher price mean better quality for skin and hair care products?

With the abundance of hair care and skincare products on the market today it’s hard to know which products are worth their price. How do you know if you're spending extra money wisely?

Price and Quality: it’s a very good question with a two-fold answer. We’ll examine both sides

The Perception:

Higher price = better value and quality

Noami Wolf describes in her bestseller The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, the process in which personal care products marketed to women were originally far less expensive than those sold at beautifully lit kiosks in drugstores today. Yet, they didn’t sell very well until someone raised the prices considerably.

Then the overall consumer perception was that if a product was more expensive, then it must work far more effectively than less expensive brands. However, the manufacturing process between more expensive and less expensive brands remained largely the same. The only factor that changed was the consumer perception of the products and their price points. 

Had these women been able to conduct some research - and in their defence, this consumer experiment took place far before the invention of the internet. However, these women would have found that many of these products weren’t much different and didn’t cost much more to manufacture than the standard cheaper product. They were paying a lot more for generally the same product, unaware of frivolous sourced ingredients, high overheads or products that cost more as a result of further away shipping costs.

When is a higher price justified?

It’s different when a considerable amount of effort goes into making a product that really is better, more defined and tailored to meet your specific needs. We at Pure Non-Scents have strived to achieve both quality and a consumer-friendly price.

Apple is the most highly valued company in the world because of incredible research and development that goes into creating innovative devices that meet their customers’ needs. Many of their competitors make great digital devices, but Apple’s customer satisfaction and great reviews keep them head-and-shoulders above their competitors. It’s near impossible to argue Apple products aren’t that good. A lot of awareness is created through an expensive advertising budget, which is unfortunately passed on to the consumer. 

Skincare products, hair care products and body cleansers also must be clear on cost justification. For consumers whose skin types require specifically created fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products, brands must put extra effort into carefully sourcing their ingredients from reliable, and certified vendors. Alongside extensive testing to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction. For scent-sensitive and skin-sensitive consumers, this is a critical matter of personal health!

At Pure Non-Scents, we’re highly transparent about the manufacturing process. We’ve tested and exhaustively researched the ingredients that go into our products, using quality ingredients. Our products are free of unsavoury chemicals found in countless personal care products today.

We list all of this on our website, so consumers know exactly what they are getting and how much time and effort we’ve put into making the safest and most effective products possible.

Our consumers’ satisfaction with our products is incredibly important to us. We’ve got our ‘skin in the game’ as Donna founded this company with her husband Bob when she developed scent sensitivity and had to learn the hard way how difficult it was to find personal care products that are safe to use.

So, higher prices are justifiable, when the extra effort and care are put into the process. Product testing and ingredient research is a pivotal part of the process. Today, consumers can educate themselves thoroughly on the products they buy or are contemplating to buy. 

Research for yourself, read the labels, google the products, pay close attention to synthetic chemical additives, and ask lots of questions! You deserve to spend your hard-earned money on products that fulfill their promises as high-quality products with consumer health at the forefront.

Please feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to answer any questions that aren’t answered on our website. You can call us, email us, or contact us through our website

Stay safe and healthy!