How To Live Free from the Bond of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Are you affected when you smell strong fragrances or scents? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed when you smell something in the air that’s unfamiliar to you? Do you experience headaches, difficulty concentrating, nausea, dizziness or even feelings of tiredness or fatigue when you get a whiff of certain chemicals? Adverse reactions like these may be due to MCS otherwise known as multiple chemical sensitivity which could mean you have a chemical intolerance or a sensitivity to chemicals. 

What is MCS?

“What is MCS?” you might be asking. Well MCS, or multiple chemical sensitivity, is often described as an unusually severe sensitivity or allergic reaction to many different kinds of pollutants. These pollutants or odors can be a variety of smells such as perfumes, gasoline or petrol smells, chemical solvents, scented cleaner, tobacco smoke, asbestos, and even environmental chemicals like pesticides.

In some cases, MCS sufferers can also be triggered by pollen, pet fur, and dust mites as they may also contain chemical allergens. For a much more extensive list of different multiple chemical sensitivity, mcs, triggers be sure to click here for all the information you’ll need from

How Do You Know If You or Someone Has MCS?

Symptoms for MCS can range from anything mild to severe reactions that can vary from person to person. This often makes the condition hard to recognize and difficult to diagnose at your local health clinic. Patients with MCS see common symptoms that can look like allergies, such as rashes, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and clogged sinuses.

In some cases, there can also be headaches and fatigue and even some difficulty breathing depending on the severity level of your reaction. However some of the more severe effects of MCS can include asthma, memory loss, muscle aches, and even mental confusion. If left untreated, MCS can even progress to damage immune systems and deplete essential enzymes.

Sadly, many doctors and health professionals disregard this condition and often attribute it to simple allergies or other common ailments. This is due to the lack of knowledge, research and overall awareness to this condition. This causes many to look for other practical ways to deal with their MCS problem, many of which will be unsuccessful. 

Is there even treatment for MCS?

The good news is that MCS can be treated and managed if you have the right tools and information. First things first, we need to identify which pollutant, scent, or chemical exposure trigger and attack in individuals. One way to do this is to remove all pollutants and chemicals and then spend time reintroducing them one by one. The chemical, or chemicals, that trigger an attack should be avoided at all costs to ensure future attacks can be minimized. 

What if the chemical pollutant in my environment cannot be removed? 

What if my symptoms are stronger than most cases? 

What do I do? 

Another way to deal with MCS, especially in these cases, is to join an online support group for MCS sufferers. There are many support groups online where people can share knowledge on how to deal with and manage their symptoms so they can reduce attacks.

These support groups also create awareness about the condition and some can even give practical tips on what they can do if they are triggered. Advocacy to reduce chemical fragrances and create awareness of the condition is really one of the reasons why Pure Non-Scents was created.

Companies like Pure Non-Scents advocate reducing smells and fragrances from the chemicals we use to reduce attacks from MCS sufferers. These companies are beginning to see the value of fragrance-free skincare and we are excited to supply people with products people can use without the fear of suffering long term symptoms from MCS.

Our Role in the General Public

We are still far from where society needs us to be when it comes to addressing this condition, but we are making progress! We need to create more awareness of this condition and advocate the need to switch to scent-free and fragrance-free products. Not only do you reduce the chances of you being affected but you spare others from experiencing symptoms when you are out in public.

Understanding what MCS is and how it affects others will greatly reduce the symptoms and allow you to live a healthier life and live it to the fullest. And as more and more people become aware, companies like Pure Non-Scents will be there to provide the best solution for fragrance-free products for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about Pure Non-Scents products and how they can help with MCS!