Product Packaging: More Important Than You Think!

A lot of effort goes into choosing a new skincare product, examining the ingredients, its targeted use and finally choosing something tailored to your skin’s needs. An overlooked factor in deciding on a skincare routine is the packaging of the products.

The first thing we see is the product’s packaging, yet, it's often the last thing we think about when considering its use. Product packaging is a crucial factor in the product’s function, it dictates the product’s shelf life and stability of ingredients. The majority of skincare products today come in the form of glass or plastic: jars, tubs, dip tubes, pumps, squeeze bottles, and so on.

Product packaging is unique to each specific product composition. So packaging differs depending on the ingredients. An example is products with Vitamin C. These products should be stored in smaller, opaque glass containers because the ingredient is fragile, and breaks down when exposed to light and oxygen, making it ineffective. Other ingredients with longer and more stable shelf lives can be stored in less secure containers. However, all skincare products benefit from being stored in a container that allows for the least possible oxygen and bacterial exchange. This is why airless pumps are an ideal packaging solution.

Airless pumps, oftentimes are a pricier skincare storage method but for good reason. The product is stored in an airtight container and dispensed out. So no bacteria comes into contact with the product, which is what would happen with a tub, jar or other open skincare packaging methods. These bottles also ensure all of the product is used, as the air-tight pump pushes all the product out. Unlike droppers or squeeze bottles that might not be able to reach all of the product on the inside.

airless pump bottles

Here at Pure Non-Scents, we take product packaging very seriously. We have spent over 2 years developing our products and packaging to ensure they deliver the intended results and have the longest possible shelf life. We opted for an airless pump on our delicate formulas, specifically for our 4 bling face products. In our less fragile formulas, we have chosen treatment, lotion and foamer pumps to ensure the least amount of air and bacteria exchange, while also being able to access all the products in the bottle. This extra care put into our packaging choices ensures our products are not only effective but that you will get maximum use out of them.

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