Anti-Ageing Skincare? The Simpler the Better

If you’ve ever tried to find a skincare product to target ageing skin concerns, you’re probably just as confused as the next person. Skincare is difficult, and labels and product packaging doesn’t make it easier. Even worse, when you flip the packaging over to read the ingredients list it’s typically filled with a long list of ingredients you can’t even begin to try to pronounce.

In order to understand what anti-ageing skincare products intend to do, you first must understand how the skin ages. As we age, our skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile due to the slowing production of collagen and elastin in the face. These two components work to make the skin feel firm, soft and smooth. So, while ageing is a natural phenomenon, there are ways to slow down the process. Dryness also plays a huge role in ageing, dryer skin contains less water so it’s more vulnerable to signs of ageing. Dryness can lead to rougher, looser, and more wrinkled skin.

So, while anti-ageing skincare seems complicated, it can be as simple as ensuring your skin has enough collagen and is well moisturized. In this case, simpler products can be better for the skin. Products with elaborate anti-ageing claims and long lists of complicated ingredients may actually be harming your skin.

However, currently, many products that are claiming to be “natural” or “fragrance-free” aren’t living up to those claims because the terms have ambiguous definitions. To ensure your products are actually natural, flip it over to read the full ingredients list. If the product is natural, you should be able to recognize almost every ingredient. In more natural products, the ingredients lists are far easier to understand (although there is some Latin content). You can be confident of what’s in your products and going onto your skin. Natural ingredients are also oftentimes, packed with more nutrition giving them even more benefits for the skin. Natural plants like Green Tea and Aloe Vera have anti-oxidant properties due to their nutrient-dense formula and work to help the skin produce collagen. Vitamin E and A can also be derived from natural, often plant sources and added to product formulas to encourage collagen and elastin production.

Most importantly, the quickest way to see if a product works for your targeted concern is to try it. A good product should not only yield the desired results but should also feel good when you use it. Watch out for products that immediately make the skin feel hot, itchy or burn when applied. This is a warning sign you may not get along with one of the ingredients.

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