The Miracles of Squalane Oil

Squalane Oil is a naturally derived oil found in plants, fruits and naturally produced by the human body. As we age, we lose this natural moisturizer but need to replenish it to maintain healthier moisturized skin. As an example, Squalene Oil is a component found in Olive Oil but when its infused with hydrogen, a process known as hydrogenation Squalene Oil is transformed into a stable, fully saturated oil called Squalane, a superb oil with a long shelf life.

Squalane Oil belongs in your skin care as it is non-irritating, fast absorbing and is safe for everyone. Squalane Oil is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone, dry or oily skin. Squalane Oil is believed to have natural anti-bacterial properties and can be more effective on skin as it absorbs slowly into the skin. It also has no odor and will not clog pores. There have been many skin care professionals who agree that Squalane Oil has had positive effects on uneven skin pigmentation, age spots and even scars.  It is a super -light, non greasy hydrating moisturizer.  Using Squalane as a moisturizer can soothe eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Squalane Oil spreads easily over the skin and can penetrate deeply. This may help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine line. There are no known side effects that come from using Squalane.

Squalane can be found in Pure Non-Scents products, Vital Care Mango Face Cream, Pure Radiance Night Cream & Restorative Hand & Body Lotion.