The Secrets to Looking Younger, Naturally!

It seems that the secret to looking youthful has been a constant question since the beginning of time. There has been endless energy and resources invested into researching anti-ageing remedies and anything that could slow down the ageing process. 

Some techniques have been implemented, but these are often costly and time-consuming. The most important thing for us to do is live a generally healthy lifestyle.

We can’t stop the natural process of ageing entirely but there are ways to slow down the appearance of ageing on the skin and body. I’m going to share with you some of my tips:


 Metabolism is our body’s natural detox process, however, we can give it a hand. Daily, we are exposed to so many chemicals; hazards from the air, food, and environment. Consuming fruits and vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods are ways to detoxify our bodies.
Having enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours a day, will make our skin healthier. Having a good sleep is also important because our body renews, repairs and resets as we sleep. Sleep allows us to regenerate and produce new cells. Our skin will look fresh and younger if we have enough sleep, and we will feel significantly better!

 Food is how we nourish our body, so the foods will reflect our ageing process. Eating healthy foods every day will make our body feel better and also younger. Try to eat more fish instead of red meat. Fibrous foods, vegetables, fruits, and supplements are important food to consume. Drink less coffee and caffeinated beverages!


Through routine exercise, we will feel happier, energetic, and confident. It also increases our bone density and muscle, making our bodies look and feel 15-20 years younger. Exercise can be anything from a leisurely walk to high intensity workout.  


By trying to relax, our face will look younger. It’s no secret that stress ages the skin. Stress and worries appear on our faces. If we can manage our stress and feel at peace, our faces will look younger.

Be positive

Similar to avoiding stress, a positive mind and affirmations can lead to a healthier life. Negative thoughts tend to bring failure and make us look older. Meditation or mindful practices can lead to a positive mindset.

Medical Check-up

Just like a car, your body also needs attention and care so it can work well every day. Having routine medical checkups throughout our lives is so important to our overall health and ageing. 

Active Life

 Always try to be active during your life. Activities and engaging in life’s adventures can increase health; if you are in your older age, your memory will increase too!

Social Life

 A happy social life can increase our spirit, bring a peaceful mind, and make us look and feel younger. Communication with our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and others can bring us happiness. Feeling good will have us looking good!

Skin Care

 Since our bodies are so unique, no one skincare routine is universal. However, it’s important to have a solid skincare routine tailored to your specific skin needs. Whether that be dryness, oily skin, sensitive skin, or treating acne-prone skin. It’s also important to be cautious of what’s in your skincare products. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs the products that you apply to it. 


 Here at Pure Non-Scents, we developed a line of products that are unscented, fragrance-free, harsh chemical-free and good for the skin! We have eliminated unnecessary or irritating additives in our products. Natural Ingredients are typically far more nutrient-dense than synthetic ingredients. As well, natural products are usually far more gentle and safer for your skin, which can also help slow down signs of ageing and stress on the skin.

Specifically, we have formulated our skincare products to be: gentle, safe and effective in addressing wrinkles and maintaining youthful skin. Specifically, our Vitamin C Brightening Serum contains hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in our skin and joints and can be used to diminish wrinkles and boost skin firmness. Our Occulift Recovery Eye Gel contains Green Tea Leaf Extract which is a powerful antioxidant that protects and repairs sun damage, which keeps skin looking youthful. 

Check out our Vitamin C Brightening Serum, Occulift Recovery Eye Gel and the rest of the Pure Non-Scents line for gentle and effective skincare that is free of PEG's, parabens, sulfates, SLS, phthalates & phenoxyethanol. Your skin will thank you!

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